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Physician Engagement

We offer activities and involvement that will shape you as a future partner and allow you to have a voice in the decision-making of the practice. We support a culture for physicians to instruct at prominent schools and get involved with clinical research, practice committees, and philanthropic opportunities. South Jersey Radiology and USRS recognize the incredible impact that government politics can have on patients and radiology practice. In 2019, we launched the US Radiology PAC to cultivate relationships and educate members of Congress on issues vital to our clinical practice.

We offer development opportunities across the organization to get involved, give input, and have a voice in practice activities. Annually, a survey is administered through Gallup to gather feedback from our physicians. This allows SJRA and USRS to focus on radiologist workload and lifestyle, partnership opportunities, peer relationships, communication, and practice governance.

Notable Publication & Journals

South Jersey Radiology physicians are committed to the advancement of medical care and are involved in numerous medical publications and journals. See examples of where are radiologists are published.

British Journal of Radiology

Journal of Trauma & Acute Surgery

Journal of Emergency Medicine

American Journal of Roentgenology

American Journal of Otolaryngology

Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Governance Board and Committees

The Clinical Governance Board (CGB) is a group of physician partners that are responsible for leading the clinical decision-making of the practice. They are tasked with making key decisions to continually improve patient care and business outcomes. The CGB and supporting governance committees also provide physicians throughout the practice with opportunities to get involved in key projects and initiatives that align with: clinical advancements, business growth, expansion objectives, and physician engagement.

US Radiology Specialists

US Radiology Specialists Network

South Jersey Radiology is part of the nation's premier partnership of physician-owned radiology practices and diagnostic imaging centers. Gain access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment, enjoy the security and opportunity that comes with financial support, and experience the next generation of private practice radiology.

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